Our framework
(No, we’re not talking about studwork and joining).
O(No, we’re not talking about studwork and joining).


(No, we’re not talking about studwork and joining).

Whether constructing, installing, erecting or renovating, we work on the framework of quality, craftsmanship and service.  


What lifts something to another level?

It could be a clean line as you walk in to a room, it could be the seamless historical match of mouldings, or it could be the impeccable finish that high end materials can give. Everyone knows quality when they see it, and you'll see it in everything we do. 


We invest our time and effort into building masterpieces.

We always look to incorporate new materials and technology, and take no shortcuts to achieving a high calibre, long lasting result. 
We work in both classic and modern styles, using natural or man-made products. The team Gerry and Jonathan in our Wangara workshop are at the top of their fields and it allows us to produce work that is at the highest standard of craftsmanship. 


We excel in complete project management, but what really sets us apart is that we genuinely love what we do.

That’s why our customer base has grown through repeat business and referrals. We're constantly reviewing our procedures and dedicating time to innovation so that we stay ahead of the curve. While we can help you with creative ideas, we are always ready and willing to collaborate with a designer of your choice to achieve your desired result.

Edgar Webb

Edgar’s passion for woodworking started in school already, and only ever did this as a hobby, but approx. 25 years ago his hobby and passion for making things for other people quickly grew into a business and just kept on growing, more and more people asked him to make bespoke items for them, other business saw no chance for because it fell outside their scope of work.

Edgar is dedicated to providing a quality product with a keen eye for detail.

Having a successful business is not all that he strives for, but also one of client satisfaction.